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Welcome back Charles!

Thursday 2 June

The Dean of Peterborough, the Very Rev'd Charles Taylor, was welcomed back to the Cathedral this week after a three month Sabbatical to mark forty years in ordained ministry.

Whilst he was away he took time to re-visit and reflect on some formative roots – both personal roots and the Celtic roots of the Saxon foundation here at Peterborough Cathedral. His journey took him not only to Wolverhampton and Winchester, but also on the Northumbrian Celtic trail to Iona and Lindisfarne.

The Celtic part of the journey was dubbed “Iona in a Banga” as he travelled in an old car bought years ago for his children to practise on. Sponsorship was invited in aid of the Cathedral’s Peterborough 900 campaign and a challenge issued to guess the mileage on the Banga once the trip was complete; the prize for the closest guess being an invitation to lunch at the Deanery.

Things did not go quite to plan. The Dean was obliged to return to Peterborough in the middle of his Celtic travels for emergency eye surgery on a detached retina. His route changed and parts of it were undertaken as a separate trip.

Guess the mileage

However, the “guess the mileage” challenge and the offer of a Deanery lunch for the winner still stands. The closing date is now midnight on Sunday 5th June 2016.

To take up the challenge simply make your donation and enter your guess via the Dean’s online donation page – but bear in mind that his actual journey took in Peterborough – Carlisle – Oban – Mull/Iona – Newcastle /Durham – Peterborough; then Peterborough – Lichfield - Peterborough (missing out Lindisfarne, Melrose and Lastingham).

The link is:

Read the blog

You can read all about the Dean’s sabbatical journey, including reflections during his face-to-the-floor convalescence back Peterborough, on his blog at: