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9.00am - 5.00pm


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Pokémon GO-es to the Cathedral

Thursday 4 August

If you spot people standing around in the Precincts scanning the buildings with their phone, it’s likely that they are playing Pokémon GO.

It is the latest GPS linked, augmented reality gaming app, played on a mobile phone or tablet. The game uses real sites in towns and cities as elements in the game, inhabited by Pokémon cartoon monsters.

For example, some places in the Precincts are Pokéstops, which help players to collect the Pokémon characters – some characters are very rare and much sought after. In the game, the Norman Arch Pokéstop is called the “Gateway to Jesus’ Mansion”.

Recognising that the craze will gather momentum during the school holidays, the Schools and Families department at the Cathedral have devised a phone-free Pokémon trail around the Precincts and inside the Cathedral.

The trail uses pictures of the various Pokémon characters in places that suit their behaviour, helping players to understand more about what that place is really for. For example Jiggleypuff, who sings, is near the choir stalls and the water-loving Squirtle is near the font.

Come and take a look!