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9.00am - 5.00pm


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Concerts and Events

The grandeur and extraordinary atmosphere of Peterborough Cathedral make it a popular choice as a venue for events, such as concerts, public talks and exhibitions. With staging available, a modern sound system, lighting and the potential use of large screens, the Cathedral is a stimulating audience space.

A concert in the Nave

Peterborough Cathedral enjoys a surprising versatility in the way space can be used around the building for concerts and events. From the splendour of the Nave, which can comfortably seat 500 people, to the the openness and light of The Crossing beyond the Choir, which has seating for 120-200, or the reflective intimacy of the New Building, with 100-200 seats, many options are available.

Staging for a concert in the Nave

In addition, following recent works, outside staging is possible in the summer months under the iconic Portico of the great West Front.

'Green' rooms and dressing rooms can be made available.

The Cathedral is, clearly, first and foremost a working church every day of the year, which means the diary and building are often very busy. If you or your organisation is interested in seeking the permission of the Cathedral's Chapter (governing body) to use the Cathedral as a venue, please contact us as early as possible. 

If permission is granted, and depending on your needs, we can help with publicity and promotions materials, e.g. posters, flyers, mention in our Events Guide, online and through social media etc.

Further information

To discuss the use of the Cathedral as a venue for your event, please call:

01733 355300

or email: